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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you have questions about joining Cub Scouts?  We have provided a list of FAQs that people have asked over the years.  At the bottom of the page, you will also find some of our favorite online resources for scouting.

  • How old (or young) can a boy or girl be to join Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in Kindergarten through fifth grade or 5 to 10 years of age. Youth who are older than 10 or who have completed the fifth grade can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Scouts BSA or Venturing program.

  • I wanted my child to get into Scouts BSA. Is this the same group?

Cub Scouting or Cub Scouts is the part of Boy Scouts of America specifically geared to boys and girls in elementary school. Cub Scouting was formed in 1930 as part of the Boy Scout program due to an overwhelming demand for younger boys to be a part of the Scouting movement. In 2018, girls were admitted into the program.

  • I have a daughter in elementary school. Can she join Cub Scouts?

Yes! Cub Scouts is a family-based program.

  • How can I become an adult volunteer in Cub Scouting?

Express your interest to the pack leaders, the Cubmaster, the chartered organization representative, or members of the unit committee. There’s no guarantee that a specific role or position will be available and there may be a selection process among several candidates. However, even if no positions are currently vacant, there is usually some way in which you can contribute and our leaders appreciate all help they can get.

  • Must I be a U.S. citizen to join Cub Scouting?

Citizenship is not required of youth or adult members. If you live outside the United States and are not a U.S. citizen, it may be more beneficial to join the Scouting association in your own nation. The World Organization of the Scout Movement provides contact information for all national Scouting organizations on its Web site at

  • How often do the scouts meet?

Four times a month.  Three den meetings and one pack meeting.  There are also special monthly events depending on the time of year.  We typically camp two times a year.

  • My child is (allergic to [fill in the blank], learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, physically challenged, emotionally challenged, etc.). Can they still be in Cub Scouts?

Definitely, yes! Our Cub Scout program welcomes everyone. The Cub Scout program is adaptable to many special needs, and there are program and training materials to help Cub Scout leaders adapt the program to the situation. There are also programs to teach the scouts to understand those that may be a little different than they are. However, it is important that the Pack and Den leadership be made aware of these cases so that we can deal with any problems or situations that may arise. We ask that you fill out a health form that stays with Pack 847. Please be sure to note any special needs or conditions we need to know about. You should also plan to stay at all of the meetings, which is required for all parents of Cub Scouts in all age groups.

  • How early can I drop my child off before the meeting? What if I’m busy and can’t pick them up exactly when the meeting ends?

Scouting is a family program. You will be expected to stay at the meeting with your scout and help them out if you can in any way possible, along with the other parents, to make your child’s den run smoothly. Pack meetings are for the whole family.

  • What about spring break and other holidays? Do you still have Cub Scout meetings?

Here is the Rule of Thumb: If the school is closed for the day due to holidays or weather, we don’t meet. If school closes early for weather, we don’t meet. There are one or two other days — that we have learned from experience — that it doesn’t pay to hold a meeting, such as a day before Thanksgiving (everyone’s out of town). You will be notified of those days as we get to them via our calendar and email notifications.

  • When does my Scout get to go camping?

As in past years, the rules have been changed to allow Cub Scouts to camp as a pack. We are working on developing a larger camping program. In the past few years, our overnight sleepovers have occurred at our local Scout Camp Ranches as well as other areas. If you enjoy camping out, get involved and help us out in getting a camping trip organized. The Scouts would love it, we just need a few parents who have some experience to make it a success. “Family camping” is allowed for youth in first through third grades at Boy Scout of America approved or “Council run” camps. Webelos may go camping as a den, but each Scout must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If it is impossible for a parent or guardian to accompany the Webelos scout, guardianship may be transferred in writing to another parent that is going on the camping trip. This parent, by Boy Scouts of America policy, may not be the den or pack leader responsible for the camping trip.

Webelos and Arrow of Light Dens are also allowed to go camping with a Scouts BSA troop. This is part of the Arrow of Light requirements. When accompanying Scouts BSA, they are still required to have a parent present on the camping trip.

  • How much is all this going to cost me?

The annual registration fee is $175.00. You will find that Pack 847 is in our opinion, one of the best Cub Scout Pack in Tarrant County with some of the lowest registration fees. Your registration fee includes your registration with the Boy Scouts of America, Longhorn Council in Hurst, TX to enroll your boy in Cub Scouts and of course the awards that they will earn. Also, a pinewood derby car kit is included in your fee as is insurance for all official Scouting events. The only other expense is the Cub Scout uniform itself.

  • Are the uniforms expensive? Do they have to get the whole uniform, or can he just get a shirt or a hat?

Since proper uniforming is spelled out in Boy Scouts of America guidelines as one of the means of achieving the goals of Scouting, we expect all youth to be uniformed from the waist up. Parents will need to only purchase the hat, shirt, scarf, belt, and neckerchief slide.  You can pick up whatever you would need at any Longhorn Council or Circle Ten Council Scout Shop or online at If you don’t know what you need, you need to know your Scout’s den level (Tiger, Wolf, etc..), Den Number or Patrol, and Pack number, which will be 847. Then if you talk to an employee at a Scout Shop, they will help you with everything. The closest scout shop is located at 850 Cannon Dr # 101, Hurst, TX 76054-3191 and can be reached at (817) 427-1555.

We expect all the scouts to be in uniform at meetings and on Pack trips, as we proudly travel as a group. However, we will not deny the Cub Scout program to anyone because of financial difficulties. If there is a true financial need, speak to someone in the pack leadership and we will do what we can. Everything will be kept confidential.

While on the subject of uniforms, we realize that many youths take part in a number of sporting and other after-school activities. Sometimes it is not possible to get home between, say, soccer and the Scout meeting. If this is the case, please try to arrange for your cub to bring their uniform and change into the restroom once they arrive for the meeting. This is especially true for Pack meetings.

  • Where do you get the Cub Scout leaders?

The leadership of this Cub Scout Pack is made up of volunteer parents (like YOU!) who want to be involved in their child’s growth and formative years. We are not paid to do this. We think enough of our youth and their friends that we want to provide the best possible opportunity for them to become upstanding citizens of their community. Each Den should have two leaders as well as a rotating parent assistant. Without den leadership, we cannot form new dens.

  • I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to be a den leader. What would I do? Where would I start?

Help books, leader manuals, and training sessions are available to help YOU step into the role of den leader as quickly as possible. It’s not really that hard, and with all the cooperation of the other parents, stress-free! There are monthly Roundtable meetings where leaders gather to share ideas. For more information about Roundtables, speak to the Cubmaster for details. Attendance to these are optional, but are very informative and interesting. One or two people can’t do it all, so lend a helping hand. Your cub is there anyway so offer any talents you may have. Just say, “Hey…How can I Help?”

  • Will the Scouts have a snack at each den meeting?

Sure! They will look forward to it before closing ceremonies. The way we usually do it is that a list is made of all the scouts, and we just take turns bringing in a snack for the group. One scout takes a turn each week and over the course of the school year, maybe each boy will have two turns at providing snack. Nothing fancy…a juice box, a Gatorade or milk, maybe cookies or bag of chips or pretzels shared. Find a sale and stock up. Keep it cheap!

  • What are these Pack Trips all about?

Well, simply put, the scouts and their families get to do things outside of our weekly meetings. We may have a bowling night, or maybe a skating party. We always enjoy a night out at a Fort Worth Cats game. We could march in a parade or maybe build a fun float to ride on, with the help of a parent with a utility trailer. We are limited only by our imagination, but whatever we do… the one central theme is …IT WILL BE FUN !!!!

  • Is my child required to be at all the den and pack meetings?

Of course! When you join a group, your fellow scouts begin to count on you being there. If you miss meetings, you miss out on opportunities to advance along with the others. Unless you are ill, we would hope for you to be at all your scout meetings. While at those meetings, proper behavior is expected. For example, no running or ball playing indoors will be tolerated, except in designated areas and times such as a gymnasium during a game. Scouts are expected to pay attention to their den leaders while they are instructing. Respect is taught in Scouting.

  • I have more questions that aren’t answered here. Who should I talk to?

You can speak to any uniformed leader, but since there aren’t any here on the web, just click the contact us link on the top menu.

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